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Nancy Keating Fibre Art

Artist Nancy Keating makes art from tiny bits of wool Fleece and silk fibres. A graduate of NSCAD University and the Banff School of Fine Arts, Nancy’s work has been exhibited in galleries and collections across Canada. Through workshops and lectures she continues to inspire and encourage a new generation of fibre artists.  Nancy’s latest (non-fibre) public art installations are The Last Steps memorial on the waterfront in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, and Canada Gate installed in Passchendaele, Belgium in November 2017.

“I create unique pieces of fibre art primarily using wool fleece as my ‘paint’.  Many of my felted tapestries are landscapes that represent an actual place. I get my inspiration through research as well as from photographs, often taken by photographer Matthew Cassidy.  I encourage input when accepting commissions which range from urban settings like Boston Harbour, to the windswept shores of a small town in Newfoundland.”

Needle Felting

Needle felting is a process that uses a barbed needle to interlock the naturally occurring barbs or scales in wool fibres. The wool fleece is repeatedly poked with a very sharp barbed needle until the wool fibres blend together.


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