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    MGM Glass

    Brent Harding realize that he needed to find a way to get his watercolors to glisten. He loved the way the sun kissed the glass in a stained glass piece so fusion glass evolved from this concept. Brent has gleaned his knowledge of composition and design from his years of painting and now incorporates this into his glass art. He creates a unique perspective with both texture and color for a signature look. Once the design is drawn, a mold is created to provide depth to the landscapes.

    Each piece is created by hand and the mold can only be used once due to being destroyed during the firing process. This guarantees a one of a kind, unique art piece that can't be exactly duplicated.The technique was created by Brent through his experience as a painter.  

    A stand or hanging frame is included with each piece 



    MGM Glass
    MGM Glass From $115.00