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    Ayala Bar Designer Jewelry

    Each piece is personally designed by artist Ayala Barr and intricately created and handcrafted with a combination of glass beads, mineral stones, crystals, and recently added, handmade velvet backdrops. The pieces mimic natural elements and appreciate the senses we use to enjoy them.

    Ayala Bar's jewelry has been described in terms such as Art Deco, Bysantine, Bohemian, and many others. Each description is meant to convey the rich, captivating beauty of this artist's creations which remain unique. These pieces are for those who appreciate and enjoy highly creative and different jewelry. They do not disappoint!

    All Ayala Bar jewelry is made with hypo-allergenic metals and is guaranteed for life. You may match pieces by their collection name.

    Sorry, we are working on new stuff.....check back again soon